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ChSD_HelpButtonBehavior (Property)

Returns or sets a value indicating the behavior of the help button in the Change skin dialog box. Data type Long.


object.ChSD_HelpButtonBehavior [= value]

The ChSD_HelpButtonBehavior property syntax has these parts:

Part Description
object An object expression referencing to a vbSkinner object.
value A long number indicating what to do when  the user clicks the help button in the Change skin dialog box, as described in Settings.


The settings for value are:

Value Description
0 (Default) When clicking the help button a default help message will be displayed.
1 When clicking the help button the event ChangeSkinDialogHelpClick will be triggered so you can display to the user a custom help message.

If the user language is different that the one of the vbSkinner control it will be necessary that you display your own help message.

Note: The help button in Change skin dialog box will be visible as long as the ChSD_ShowHelpButton property is set to True.


See also: ChangeSkinDialogHelpClick (event)
ChSD_ShowHelpButton (property)


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