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ChSD_SaveSkinsFolder (Property)

Returns or sets a value indicating whether the skin folder selected by the user will be remembered when pressing the 'Load from file' or 'Save to file' buttons in the Change skin dialog box.
If this property is set to True, when the user saves a skin file or loads one pressing that buttons, it will be remembered next time, in this way the skin folder may be selected by the user and it is remembered for further file operations.
In the property page 'Change skin dialog' is defined this property value at design time, where you read 'Save skins folder'. 


object.ChSD_SaveSkinsFolder [= value]

The ChSD_SaveSkinsFolder property syntax has these parts:

Part Description
object An object expression referencing to a vbSkinner object.
value A Boolean expression specifying whether the skin folder selected by the user will be remembered, as described in Settings.


The settings for value are:

Value Description
True (Default) The skin folder selected by the user will used by default in the next file operation.
False The skin folder that the user had selected will not be remembered, but in the next file operation, the default folder specified by the ChSD_SkinsFolder property will be used.

Note: The 'Load from file' and 'Save to file' command buttons will be visible as long as the ChSD_UserAvailableOptions property has value 0 or 2.


See also: To customize how the change skin dialog box is shown
ChSD_SkinsFolder (property)


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