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ChSD_SkinsFolder (Property)

Returns or sets a value indicating the default folder to use when the user saves or loads a skin file, this operations are performed when he presses the buttons 'Save to file' and 'Load from file' in the Change skin dialog box.
If you do not modify the default value of this property (that it is a empty string), the default skin folder will be the path of the program, it means, where it is located the exe file of your application.


object.ChSD_SkinsFolder [= value]

The ChSD_SkinsFolder property syntax has these parts:

Part Description
object An object expression referencing to a vbSkinner object.
value A string expression that specifies the default folder for the skin files.

In order to specify a skin folder you can do it with a relative path to the application folder, or with an absolute path.

Note: If the setting of the ChSD_SaveSkinsFolder property is True the folder specified in ChSD_SkinsFolder property will be user only the first time of a file operation, then the folder selected by the user will be used if it is another one.

When the program is running in the Visual Basic environment  the application path that  vbSkinner sees is the one of Visual Basic, not the one where is located the project file. While once the program is compiled it will be used the path where it is installed, if you want to use when developing the path of the application to save and load the skin files, add the following code in the Form_Load event:

    Skinner1.ChSD_SkinsFolder = App.Path 


    Skinner1.ChSD_SkinsFolder = App.Path & "\Skins"

In this way, the application path will be used while developing as much as when it is compiled.


See also: ChSD_SaveSkinsFolder (property)
To customize how the change skin dialog box is shown


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