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TitleBarForeColor (Property)

Returns or sets a value indicating the text color of the title bar. Data type: long.


object.TitleBarForeColor [= color]

The TitleBarForeColor property syntax has these parts:

Part Description
object An object expression referencing to a vbSkinner object.
color Un value o una constante que determina el color del texto de la barra de títulso de la ventana del formulario, as described in Setting.


The settings for color are:

Value Description
Normal RGB colors Colors specified by using the Color palette or by using the RGB or QBColor functions in code.
System default colors Colors specified by system color constants listed in the Visual Basic (VB) object library in the Object Browser. The Windows operating environment substitutes the user's choices as specified in the Control Panel settings.

When this color setting is read from an image contained in the SkinPicture property or loaded by the user from the Change skin dialog box the system default colors can not be assigned, but only RGB colors.


See also: TitleBarSkin (property)


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