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TitleBarSkin (Property)

Returns or sets a value indicating the skin selected for the form body.


object.TitleBarSkin [= value]

The TitleBarSkin property syntax has these parts:

Part Description
object An object expression referencing to a vbSkinner object.
value A long setting specifying the skin that will be used to draw the form body.


The settings for value are:

Value Description
skBlue (0) (Default) The title bar skin is blue with rounded corners.
skRed (1) The title bar skin is red with rounded corners.
skGreen (2) The title bar skin is green with rounded corners.
skSquareBlue (3) The title bar skin is blue with square corners.
skSquarePlain (4) The title bar skin is purple and gray, with square corners.


See also: BodySkin (property)
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