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Function of the buttons 'As default'

These two buttons appear in the property pages 'Buttons' and 'Change skin dialog box'. The function is to set or delete the default values of the properties of the page in which they are. If the default values are changed then the new controls that are placed in forms will be initialized with these values in the properties corresponding to the page in which they have been set.

1) Makes that the current selected values for this control and about this property page is set as default (for new controls).

2) Delete the default values previously saved, so that they return to be the original ones of the program.

Remarks: The utility of that is it: For example may be you need that in every form the help button to be visible, instead of modifying one by one every vbSkinner control of each form. Set the 'Help button' property = true in the first form and press the 'Save as default' button. So the new vbSkinner controls added will have the help button visible without having to modify the property value for every one. Notice that this is not applied for the controls that are previously placed, but just to the new ones.
The same principle can be applied for the values of the Change skin dialog box.


See also: Properties screen


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