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SkinPicture (Property)

Returns or sets a bitmap containing a skin image, which will be applied when the Skin property has value 98 (skCreateFromPicture). This property can be set with a bit map (object type picture) or a String with the name of a skin file.


[Set] object.SkinPicture [= bit map]

The SkinPicture property syntax has these parts:

Part Description
object An object expression referencing to a vbSkinner object.
mapa de bits A stdPicture object with a bit map containing a skin image or a String specifying a file name of a skin file.

When setting this property with a file name, you can do it with an absolute path, or with a relative to the app path.
The return value is always a picture object containing a bit map (or Nothing if the property is not set).
You can assign to this property a bitmap with a skin you have designed.
In order to load a skin from a file use the following code:

Set Skinner1.SkinPicture = LoadPicture ("path\file.bmp")


Skinner1.SkinPicture = LoadPicture ("path\file.bmp")


Skinner1.SkinPicture = "path\file.bmp"


Skinner1.SkinPicture = "file.bmp"


Skinner1.SkinPicture = "file"

Note: When setting a skin image to this property the Skin property automatically changes to skCreateFromPicture (98)


See also: To design skins
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