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Notice for the use of the vbSkinner control.

This section is about what you can and you cannot do when using this control in your projects.

1) Visual Basic menus do not work with vbSkinner, thus if your project must include menus you can do the following thing:
    a) Set all the top level menus .Visible = False and use the PopupMenu functions from command buttons or other controls.
    b) Use a third party menu control. We recommend using the SmartMenuXP (The help pages of this component are here). You can follow the link to get this control, this control also allows you to set the colors of the menus, to have images, etc. Although for this you will have to eliminate the VB menus and to change the code due to how this control manages the menus creation and the events.
If you have installed vbSkinner Pro from the setup program, an example of using SmartMenuXP with vbSkinner is included. To use it you have to go to the Project/References menu and select vbSmart Menu XP library, and go to the the Project/Components menu and select vbSmart Menu XP.

In the same way, every time that you want to include vbSkinner in your projects, what you need to do is to go to the Project/Components menu and select :) vbSkinner Pro 2 for VB6.

2) The forms that use vbSkinner must be in Twips, that means that the property ScaleMode must be in vbTwips and you do not have to change it while your program is running either.

3) Due to the fact that vbSkinner makes the skins by automatically placing Image controls on the edges of the form, you must take care not to cover them, or the skin may be covered by a control. This has to be considered when placing the controls at design time and also at run time when the position is changed by code. You will have to leave about 250 Twips at every side and at bottom.

4) The ScaleHeight and ScaleTop properties are changed by vbSkinner, so that if in your code you need to use this properties it would be suitable to use 0 instead of ScaleTop and to adapt the code to use Height instead of ScaleHeight.

5) vbSkinner does not work with MDI forms. Although it has this limitation, there is a workaround for this, you can read about it in the frequently asked question at the web site.


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