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How to customize skins

There are different alternatives of use:

1) You can offer to the user to change the skin making visible the ' Change skin' button.

2) You may want to have an own skin that will be the same one in your entire project.
For doing this place the desired skin in the main form of your project, setting the Skin property, or independently the TitleBarSkin, TitleBarForeColor, BodySkin and BodyForeColor  properties, like thus also TitleBarFont.
In all the other forms leave the Skin property value set to skAuto_ReadFromRegistry (0).
This way the main form will establish the standard, and it will be copied in all the other forms. 

Note: If instead of using a predetermined skin of the vbSkinner control you choose to design an own one, you can do it with an image editor (as described in To design skins) and set this image to the SkinPicture property of the vbSkinner control in the main form, having all the other forms the Skin property set to skAuto_ReadFromRegistry (0) they will copy this skin.

If you do not want that the user can change this predetermined skin, then make sure that in no form should appear as visible the 'Change skin' button. About the topic of changing the default property values read the topic Function of the buttons 'As default'

3) If what you want is to display a customized screen for changing skins read the topic Changing skin.

See also: To design skins
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